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7 Key Ways to Grow Your Revenue

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Grow Your Revenue

There is a high level of competition for businesses today and because of that there is no standing still and getting comfortable. You either move forward or you move backward. The key to keeping your business moving forward and continuing to be a strong competitor in the market, you need to increase your revenue.

Revenue is essential to the survival of any business. It is the fuel that grows you from a young startup to a thriving company. Sales are the spark that sets that growth on fire. To really turn up the heat, you need to find new and better strategies that will raise your sales higher, leading to a huge growth in revenue. Bigger revenue means more profits and greater cash flow to take your business to the next level.

Here are seven key ways to start increasing your business’s revenues. You can choose any or all of these approaches. Mastering even one will insure that you see significant results in revenue growth.

1. More Sales

The most obvious way to grow revenue is to make more sales. The way to do that is to start attracting more customers, to sell more of your products to as many people as you can reach. What strategies can help you draw in more customers?

Get your current customers to buy more often. The cost of acquiring a new customer can be very expensive. What you should be focusing on is getting your current customers to buy from you more often. What can you do to increase the number of times a customer comes to you to make a purchase?

2. Sell Something New

Ask yourself what other products make sense for your customers? What products make the most sense for your business? For example, if you make custom birthday party décor, perhaps expanding into holidays and weddings is something to consider. Your customers celebrate other events throughout the year, so why not take hold of that opportunity to offer them more?

3. Bigger Sales

With every order, there you have the chance to increase it. The more items attached to a single customer order means a higher sale and increased revenue. You could offer a special price for bulk orders, or buy one, get one for a discount. Try to get your customers to add on items that make sense with their purchase, such as custom invitations to go with the party decor or web hosting with their website design. What can you do to increase the grand total of each sale?

4. Increase Your Prices

This can be tricky, but it can be done without turning off your customers. You must raise the perceived value of what you are offering to your customer in order to justify an increase. How can you set yourself apart from a competitor? Maybe improving quality control or packaging, something that makes sense to the customer. When your customer can see that you are offering something more valuable, they are willing to spend a bit more.

5. More Profitable Sales

First, look at each customer and find the ones that are the most profitable for your business. They are the ones who require almost no servicing after the sale, who make larger or more frequent purchases. These customers are the ones to give a little extra effort to because you know they improve your sales margins. Then look at your products. Which ones sell quickly? They spend less time in your inventory and free up more capital. Which ones are the most profitable? You see more revenue from these items.

6. Reduce Costs

Look at everything that contributes to the sale of a product. This includes what you pay your salespeople, marketing costs, inventory costs, the cost to acquire new customers. if you’re not using one already, set up a system to track your selling costs. This will help you see where you can eliminate expenses, driving up the amount of revenue you see from each sale.

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