Our Corporate CultureOur FocalPoint Culture

​We are the "Pebble on the Pond". We impact the world first through our clients, then their families, employees, companies, region, country and the world.

Our vision is to leave a legacy of success by positively impacting business leaders in every city and town in the world.

Our mission is change the world through business leadership and education.

Our Values

Legacy: Everyday I impact the world in a positive way. My actions for those I serve will resonate forever.

Integrity: I am authentic in all aspects of my life. I "walk my talk" and always have my clients best interest first. I am transparent with those I serve and expect the same in return.

Passion: I love what I do and who I am. I have a passion to Coach, Teach, Mentor and Help others.I am inspired by my clients and my clients are inspired by me.

Balance: I work hard. I play hard. I proactively balance excellence in business success, financial independence, health & fitness. family and relationships.

Leadership: I am a leader amongst leaders. Great leaders inspire action. I inspire action that leads to measurable, positive change with my clients, myself and my team.

Team: Together Everyone Achieves More. I am a proud member of a strong, elite team. I actively participate, engage and connect with my fellow coaches, clients and community.

Profitability: I expect a positive return on investment for myself, my clients and my community.

Knowledge: I am committed to continued learning and using proven real-world tools and experience. I believe in constant and never ending improvement and the search for new ways to add value.