Feedback Surveys360 Feedback Surveys

There was a time when "360 Feedback" was indicative of corrective action. No more.

Enlightened companies want to know how they are doing, what they do well and what are the opportunities to do better.

FocalPoint Business Coaching offers a host of employee surveys to fit the needs of any size business.

Example Employee Surveys

  • Leadership Development would assist in uncovering where the opportunities are for improvement in Leadership ability.
  • Leadership Effectiveness questions would help gain insights into the effectiveness of someone in a leadership position and hence, where opportunities may be for improving effectiveness.
  • Individual Development has questions around general development of an individual, again, where there might be opportunities. Employee Satisfaction has questions geared to how satisfied employees are about their work environment.
  • TEAMS survey focuses on the internal operating elements of effective teams.  It provides a basis for group dialogue and a way for the group to check itself periodically.  The survey process will help you improve your team or work group by identifying the areas in need of improvement and the areas of strength to build on, and then relating those to the nature and mission of your group.

Keep in mind that all of these questionnaires are can be customized and edited as needed. You have the huge list of questions and can make your own if desired.