Training leaders to be great navigational coaches

What is Navigational Coaching?

Coaching is about supporting others to be more effective in getting from place to place. Place can refer to: productivity, leadership effectiveness, earnings, relationships, job or position status, a sense of fulfillment and more.

Coaching helps others to navigate; not by steering or charting a course for them, but by supporting them to navigate for themselves.

This program explores how a coach addresses the 5 major navigational challenges faced by individuals in the workplace (and in life):

  1. Clarifying where you want to go
  2. Understanding where they are now
  3. Plotting a course forward and committing to action
  4. Receiving positive reinforcement
  5. Knowing when to course correct

This involves thinking differently, learning new skills, listening to intuition, exercising restraint, developing wisdom and being willing to practice.

Why Learn Navigational Coaching?

  • Teaches skills that are immediately applicable
  • Simple, practical, effective
  • Combines key principles and skills with hands- on practice
  • Clear, fun, memorable, useable

Who Should Take This Training?

  • Organizational leaders interested in enhancing their capacity to develop others through coaching
  • Senior Executives, Managers
  • Newly promoted Team Leaders

Outcomes – What to Expect

  • Learn the key principles that define successful coaching interactions
  • Benchmark a current level of coaching effectiveness
  • Understand when to apply a coaching approach
  • Practice key principles and skills and receive feedback on coaching
  • Learn how to give both positive and corrective

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