Invest in yourself, each individual, each and everyday. Whether you're a business owner and an entrepreneur, if you want to be an entrepreneur or even if you are a great contributor to the team that you're in -- be sure to invest in yourself in terms of time and growth.

In a free-flowing interview Champion Entrepreneur Coach Anthony Witt and FocalPoint executive business coach Tonya Page discuss what it means to unleash the champion within. It's a great day to take another action step forward.

Life is why we do what we do professionally. What would be different if you had a coach to support your business? Setting aside the time to be strategic and forward thinking is imperative to any model of success.

Goals, Systems & Habits

Some are goals are immediately obtainable, but some goals are part of developing habits and systems. One of the ways to manifest goals is attention. Part of that attention is written goals. In the coaching business we have a term for unwritten goals: we call them Wishes.

Written goals are top of mind goals. Top of mind goals bring action. What am I doing today for my 60 day goals? What am I doing today that contributes to my exit strategy?

Long Term Focus

Long term goals are personal -- it's the real end game. Where am I going and WHY? Every short term goal needs to feed the long term goal or it's irrelevant.

On the shorter term, what does my team look like? What am I doing for my client base? How am I contributing to the needs of others? How am I providing value?

Decision making is about the benchmark. Is what I am choosing, acting upon and spending my day doing contributing to the big picture?

Does the corporate culture feed the long term goal? There must be congruency between personal, professional and corporate direction.

How do this quarter's goals impact 2025 goals? What is moving you in the right direction? Are you paying attention?

We must use long term goals to make decisions about what we are doing this week.

It's all about Vision. Are today's choices supporting where I want to go?

Are we hiring people who supporting where we are going? When we apply Clarity to the decision process, tough choice make themselves.

Exit Strategy

Some of the most successful people make huge mistakes by not considering the end-game. When you start a business you first question should be, where am I going with this?

As a business owner, you know how to make the widget and maybe you even know how to run a business, but what is the end game? Selling the business, passing it on to a family member, living on residuals? Where are you going with the business?

Having an exit strategy is essential. Part of understanding exit strategy is knowing when to consider other options. The business is on a path and when should that path change?

Having the fluidity to change directions is essential. The fear is that when we are done, the business simply stops. What a tragedy -- look at farming.

Defining Success

Success is individual. My definition of success is the Pebble on The Pond, meaning the ripple effect of touching a life that touches other lives. Balance is always a challenge. Being purposeful is important.