DISC Communication Assessment & DebriefThe utilization of assessment tools and approaches to improve individual, team and business performance. You can increase sales and naturally communicate more successfully.

Communication Style Assessment

20-minute online survey, followed by a 24-page report, provides valuable insights into the natural and adapted behavior and communication styles of an individual.

The assessment information is essential for professional growth and developing a superior communication strategy to ensure your team’s effectiveness and productivity.

PRICE: $99 per person

Click here for a sample report of Communications and Motivators

Communication Style Debrief

Assessment is great; then what?

Here's 60-minute one-on-one or group session includes a detailed interpretation of the personal report and creation of an action plan specifically focused on improving overall communication. The in-depth insights enhance the value of the training workshop and individual development.

PRICE: $299 Individual; $99 Group (per person)

Communication Style Follow-up Coaching

We also offer a 60-minute follow-up session designed to reinforce accountability, track progress and fine tune the action plan to insure professional growth, increased productivity and communication effectiveness. Application of learning from assessment reports and training is essential in order to achieve desired results.

PRICE: $299 Individual; $99 Group (per person)



Updated: 06/10/2018