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You Own a Business... Or Do You Own a Job?

8 Ways to Know if You Have a Job or Own a Business

The ultimate test of your business can be found in a simple question: would someone want to buy your company? 

Why Your Brand Needs a Story

If you look at enough successful brands, you will see that it is more than great products and services that set them apart from their competitors.

Where to Start When Your Business Growth Stops

Why would two companies in the same industry, with the same financial performance, command vastly different valuations? The answer often comes down to how much each business is likely to thrive in the future. 

Jump-Start Your Goals with Mindstorming

One of the most powerful ways to start achieving your goals quickly is by working with both your conscious and superconscious minds.

What is More Valuable: IQ or EQ?

As a business owner, you know how important it is to make sure you are selecting the best candidates to join your team. But how much weight should you be putting into finding someone with a high IQ versus a high EQ?

You-Proofing Your Business

Making your business less dependent on you has a number of benefits:

The Questions You Need to Ask If You Want Your Business to Grow Faster

Almost every business owner is asking that question: How can I grow my business faster? But this is the wrong question to ask.

Attitudinal Business Ownership By Age

What Your Birth Certificate Says About Your Business Exit Strategy

Many find it surprising to learn that age has a big effect on attitude towards business ownership and how you feel about one day getti

5 Keys to an Effective Leadership Development Plan

How happy are the employees at your company? Do you feel like you should be doing more to boost the morale at work?

6 Reasons Not To Diversify

When Is Less More?

Diversification is a sound financial planning strategy, but does it work for company building?

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